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Support Staff/Maintenance



· Willingness to follow orders with flexibility

· Pleasant People friendly attitude

· Prompt and professional at all times

· Ability to foresee what needs to be done with out being told

· Able to attend associate meetings monthly and attend community and organizational functions, including company parties, dinners, and fundraisers

· Able to work flexible hours in case someone is unable to work when they are scheduled to work

· Able to work quickly, quietly, and efficiently


Duties and Responsibilities

· Promptness

· Empty trash when needed

· Sweep hair after each and every client- this is essential in the presentation of the salon and should be taken very seriously

· Assist shampoologist with towels, smocks, capes, and getting shirts for clients

· Maintain retail and front desk duties

· Dust shelves and other surfaces whenever necessary

· Dust and polish glass surfaces when necessary

· Assist stylists when needed with perms and Hi-lites

· Learn the basic principles about mixing Hi-lites, Colour, and other Chemicals

· Run errands when necessary

· Be a troubleshooter– always handle errors with preparation and tact

· Make penmanship legible

· Typing Skills

· Ability to smile when times are trying

· Self-motivated

· Dependable

· Knowledge of basic mathematical principles (this especially helps with mixing Colour)

· Understand method of booking used in salon




Receptionist/Salon Coordinator

The receptionist plays a key role in the making D. Knight Designs as comfortable as possible. The receptionist also ensures that the salon is running properly during daily working hours, and also runs and expedites tasks efficiently, and as consistently as possible. The receptionist is the first, and last contact that the client has within the salon. Contact should be positive at all times. The guidelines below will allow the receptionist a knowledgeable description of his or her job responsibilities.



· Energetic, personable, and self-motivated

· Consistent attitude and enthusiasm

· Promptness

· Well groomed, fashionable at all times

· Ability to smile and perform duties when times are trying

· Ability to troubleshoot when necessary

· Knowledge of basic mathematical functions, etc.

· Dependable, able to be called on when needed

· Efficient in manuscript and cursive handwriting skills (most of all, legible writing)

· Computer skills, Word Processing, Database, etc.


Duties and Responsibilities

· Arrive no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the day’s first client

· Make coffee and stock candy, cookies, etc. for clientele

· Reschedule a stylist’s clients if the stylist is on emergency leave

· Assemble and manage appointment book

· Keep t-shirt cabinet organized and stocked as fully as possible during the day

· Keep the reception and waiting areas free of trash, food waste, and magazines as possible during and throughout the day

· Treat all clients and hairdressers the same way


When meeting and greeting, the receptionist should…

· Acknowledge clients immediately

· Make eye contact and smile

· Use the client’s first name when speaking to them

· Alert the client’s stylist that he or she has arrived using their name– not their appt. time! We will be sticklers on this!!

· If the client is new, introduce them properly to the salon. Have the new client fill out appropriate paperwork.

· Follow D. Knight Designs telephone procedures

· Direct the clientele when needed and introduce them to their stylist

· Offer every client a t-shirt

· Suggest styling books when necessary

· Listen carefully to clients’ needs and make sure they’re met promptly

· Always stay current on D. Knight Designs’ products, services, and pricing


Receptionist’s Responsibilities to Stylists

The receptionist’s responsibilities to the stylist are of utmost importance. The following items are the responsibility of the receptionist to the stylist.

· Maintain a neat and organized desk to be efficient to everyone, not just oneself

· Prepare the appointment book six (6) months in advance

· Write legibly every time

· Know each stylist’s working hours and booking preferences

· Confirm each appointment with each client twenty-four (24) hours in advance

· When a client arrives, use a highlighter to indicate his or her arrival to the stylist

· Always help the shampoologist stay on schedule by knowing where the stylists are on their schedules

· Adjust timings when clients arrive to compensate for a stylist if a stylist is running behind

· Call a client to reschedule of they are late or missed their appointment

The receptionist must also attend all staff meetings and outside of salon events, keep client records in order, manage the daily money and cash drawer needs, provide clients with a bag for any products purchased upon check-out, and above all, smile- your job depends on it!




Download the application* and then print the document. With your application, please also send a cover letter and resume.


Send your application and other documents to:
D. Knight Designs
c/o Business Office
305 East Michigan Avenue
Marshall, Michigan 49068
*Requires Adobe Reader