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Nail Technician


D. Knight Designs’ prime objective is to serve our customers and promote healthy nails. At D. Knight Designs, we believe in healthy nails first, long, and beautiful second. D. Knight Designs will repair a broken nail or add a nail tip to any nail that has been broken off. We will do our best not to damage the nail, or the nail bed in any way. We do believe in sculpted or acrylic nails, however, it will be up to the technician to tell the client about the possible risks that are involved with these types of services. It has been proven that people can grow their nails with a weekly manicure, liquid wraps, and a little at home maintenance.


Duties and Responsibilities

·In beauty school, you learned the basics in the art of manicuring. There is a lot more to know and learn about selling healthy nails to a client

·You will be responsible for all continuing education to keep yourself current on the latest techniques in nail care

·D. Knight Designs is the most progressive salon in Marshall, and to maintain this standard, we must be groomed to the last detail

·Be ready for work before you get to work- this means hair, make-up, clothing, and nails should be taken care of before you arrive

·The nail areas must be cleaned after every client

·Dress to impress; you’re not just selling great looking nails, you’re selling yourself

·See the policy section of this book regarding discounts on services and pricing

·There is absolutely no gossip allowed!

·Take any issues with other employees directly to them and the manager– this alleviates having to wait until staff meetings



·Keep up-to-date.

·Maintain standards of the education program that D. Knight Designs has in place

·Be ready for thorough evaluations


Pedicure Technician

The same responsibilities and policies above, apply to the pedicure technician.



·A pedicure is one of the ultimate luxuries. You are not a foot doctor. You may refuse to perform this service if you feel that the client should see a doctor.

·Stay up-to-date on the latest pedicure techniques!

More information for technicians

Nail polish owned by D. Knight Designs is the only brand that is to be used in the salon (unless the client brings in her own bottle, then by all means, use that!)


You may also use the polish in the salon at no charge. At the same time, however, please make it a point to sell a bottle of the same colour to the client for later use in touch-up work, or for when they reschedule. Also, try to sell a top coat to the client.


Appointments will be made during any time that D. Knight Designs is open for business and the technician is working. D. Knight Designs will also provide in-salon advertising and promotions. It is the technician’s responsibility to carry on the promotion as planned. D. Knight Designs will also provide you with business cards. Above all, smile– your job depends on it!



Download the application* and then print the document. With your application, please also send a cover letter and resume.


Send your application and other documents to:
D. Knight Designs
c/o Business Office
305 East Michigan Avenue
Marshall, Michigan 49068
*Requires Adobe Reader