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D. Knight Designs is only as good as the people that comprise it. The stylist position is the most important position in the salon. Without stylists, there would be no need for all the others. The image of our salon is in direct response to the hair designers who strive to keep as current as possible. Our profession demands this success to happen.




·Must be a licensed cosmetologist

·Must be energetic, enthusiastic, and people-loving

·Must be well-groomed, stylish, and fashionable at all times

·Must be creative and self-motivated

·Must be dependable and trustworthy

·Must be prompt at all times

·Must be organized

·Must be willing to participate in all salon activities, at work and out of work


Duties and Responsibilities

The following have been designed to are designed to service the client with a sense of complete confidence in your abilities. Always be empathetic about your new client’s view of the salon. Realize that they are not here solely for their hairstyle, they are here for an experience. They want to be pampered, more confident in themselves, and sometimes counseled. The key to customer service is listening. The more you listen to their words and questions, the more you will be able to give them the finest experience they will have in the salon.


·Execute every service with the best of your ability and knowledge

·Furnish your own shears, borrowing is not acceptable

·Comply with all State of Michigan rules and regulations

·Maintain your station and the surrounding areas in an orderly and clean manner at all times

·Every client deserves the best treatment

·Do not wait for someone else to do the cleaning

·Sweep hair before and after every client



·Wipe counters regularlyKeep drawers in a condition that complies with The State of Michigan State Board; -All combs and brushes cleaned and sanitized in a drawer by themselves

·Scissors, capes, etc. in another drawer, also sanitized                                              

·Everyone is responsible for picking up after themselves in the salon. station.

·Do not hesitate to pitch in if you do not have a client; or even if you have a free moment

·Keep techniques up-to-date per the D. Knight Designs education program

·Have pride in your work

·Attend all salon meetings per the policies and procedures portion of this handbook

·You may conduct a salon class, if you desire to teach and do so– speak with management to setup dates, etc.



·Keep what’s happening in the appointment book in the back of your mind at all times; you are responsible for making sure that the appointments are scheduled properly

·Make sure every employee knows your working hours

·See policies for vacations

·Business cards are provided for you, use them to their full advantage

·Back-bar products should be treated as if you have purchased them

·Do not waste product! It’s expensive!


·Working with the shampoologist is a luxury– the shampoologist is there to help each stylist, so remember that it is important to share

·See retail and service commission rates in this handbook

·Stylists are responsible for their own technical cards, keep accurate records


Working with Other Stylists

·Collaborate on ideas

·Assist one another when not busy, this works both ways

·Create enthusiasm by praising others’ work

·Never put down another co-worker, this usually backfires

·Do not panic if you are asked to take on extra work in the case that another stylist is unable to come to work

·The receptionist will make clients understand if you are running late.



·Hair and make-up should be in order when you arrive, no exceptions!

·Keep hair and colour current

·Use gloves and smocks when appropriate

·Keeps your nails in order and up-to-date

·Never eat at your station


Download the application* and then print the document. With your application, please also send a cover letter and resume.


Send your application and other documents to:
D. Knight Designs
c/o Business Office
305 East Michigan Avenue
Marshall, Michigan 49068
*Requires Adobe Reader